March 8-24, 2013

Firehall Arts Centre

Tuesday to Sunday at 8pm

2 for 1 preview on March 7th

2 for 1 matinees March 13th and 17th at 2pm.

Tickets are $12 + service charges and available through the Firehall Box office


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Free vouchers available through social services agencies for low-income clients
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maladjusted graphic
maladjusted graphic

How can we support patient-centered care?

What needs to be done to ensure safety for patients and caregivers?

How do we sustain a healthy mental health system?

These are just a few of the questions that maladjusted will explore
maladjusted photo 1
maladjusted photo 1

Our latest project maladjusted is created and performed by mental health patients and caregivers. The newspaper headlines in BC have been filling in the last few years with stories about people with mental health issues 'falling through the cracks' often with devastating consequences such as self harm, misdiagnoses, overmedication, and even violent crimes. At the same time, we hear about healthcare providers being stripped of their ability to practice medicine with the art and care many join the profession to provide. The performances and concurrent dialogue series will address the issues in our mental health system that are creating barriers to patient-centered care.
The cast members bring rich, unique experiences within the mental health sector as patients and caregivers to the development of this Forum Theatre production. After a weeklong workshop with 16 other people living the issues, the 6 cast members and director spend four weeks creating the play. The result is an interactive play that invites the audience onto the stage to offer their suggestions and solutions to the problems presented in the work.
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Be sure to keep an eye out in our March newsletter for all the information regarding our maladjsuted Webcast! Theatre for Living (Headlines) is a pioneer in webcasting plays, with a twelve-year history of hosting live, interactive webcasts of their theatre productions and we are excited to continue this tradition for maladjusted closing night.
Left: Micheala Hiltergerke as Danielle Williams and Pierre Leichner as Dr. Paul Devreaux. Photo by David Cooper
maladjusted dialogue series March 18th and 19th
maladjusted dialogue series
maladjusted dialogue series

The panels will be:
Monday, March 18, at 1:30pm

Cost of Caring: How values drive spending
Monday, March 18, at 7pm

What does getting better look like?

The chemicalization of mental health care
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 1:30pm

The Art and the Mechanics of mental health care:How do caregivers function creatively within a mechanizing system?
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The maladjusted dialogue series is part of the maladjusted project which includes performances of the interactive play at the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver. The hope for these two days of panels and community discussions is to open the space for a true dialogue on the cost, chemicalization and mechanics of mental health care, respectively, to work through any barriers that stop us from moving forward on the issues in a healthy way.
This will not be a series of lectures; the panelists will share their experience and knowledge on the topics, not provide set answers. This will be a conversation between the panelists and the public, and solutions will be sought within the conversation. Theatre for Living (Headlines) is excited to present this dialogue series on the practical aspects to unlocking the barriers to patient-centered care.
Theatre for Living (Headlines) has received written agreements from the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health and the Canadian Nurses Association to use the maladjusted project and resulting Community Action Report as part of their respective research for national, provincial, regional and local strategies on mental health care.
The Community Action Report will distill the suggestions from the dialogue series and the interactive theatre performances into policy suggestions. This legislative theatre process gives the mental health community and the general public a creative venue to use theatre to help create policy.
We invite you to attend this exciting two day series and become a part of this important conversation.
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maladjusted on Shaw TV
Shaw interview
Shaw interview

Director David Diamond and cast member Pierre Leichner will appear on After Hours airing on Shaw TV over the next two weeks to talk about maladjusted. The independent program After Hours is a half hour long program featuring interviews with influential artists, politicians and community members around Vancouver. Tune in to Shaw Channel 4 in Vancouver to watch. Pierre's interview will air Monday Feb 18th at 2pm and Saturday Feb 23rd at 10:30pm and David Diamond's interview will air the following week Monday Feb 25th at 2pm and Saturday March 2nd at 10:30pm. Digital versions of the interviews will also be available in early March on Headlines' youtube channel.
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